35 Years and Growing

American Blackguard, Inc. is an independent film, television, stage, music, event, and publishing company. Subsidiaries include American Blackguard Film & Television, The Clay Stafford Company, American Blackguard Marketing & Public Relations, American Blackguard Records, ABGun Records, American Blackguard Music, and Killer Nashville. 

Incorporated in 2002, it was originally formed in 1978 under the original name The Clay Stafford Company by then 16-year-old writer and filmmaker Clay Stafford. For over three decades and under the helm of Clay Stafford, American Blackguard’s staff has been involved in all aspects of publishing, film & television, stage, and music production. It has also served as a loan out corporation for staff employees to outside companies.

Over the past 30 years, our experience has been wide-reaching. American Blackguard, Inc. and its subsidiary companies have provided manpower, support, creative content, publicity, and marketing expertise to Hollywood and independent live action and animation studios, television networks, the music industry, international book publishers, the American stage, Broadway actors, authors, musicians, financial entities, medical institutions, healthcare providers, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations, associations, historic landmarks, and more.


For Media Inquiries and Appearance Requests, please contact Tricia Hedman at Ollie Media.

One Sheet

American Blackguard Inc. One Sheet

Press Releases

2015 July 7 – Clay Stafford Options Peter Straub’s “Pork Pie Hat” for American Blackguard Entertainment (PDF)
2015 June 22 – Clay Stafford Donates to the Nashville Public Library (Link)


2015 November 12 – An Interview with Daco Auffenorde – Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded
2015 November 11 – Author Interview: Blake Fontenay – Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded
2015 November 10 – Hott Books Interviews “Kissin’ Don’t Kill” Author, Catriona McPherson – Killer Nashville Noir: Cold Blooded
2015 November 9 – Deco My Heart Reviews Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded
2015 November 6 – Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded Anthology, Giveaway & Interview With Dana Chamblee Carpenter
2015 November 5 – A Conversation with Mystery Author Maggie Toussaint – Killer Nashville Noir
2015 November 3 – Giveaway Interview with C Hope Clark – Rich Talk – Killer Nashville Noir
2015 July 18 – Killer Nashville’s 2015 International Writers Conference Scheduled – Nashville events |
2015 July 14 – ‘Watchman’ Anticipation, in Photos | Publishers Weekly
2015 July 14 – Barnes and Nobles gears up for ‘Mockingbird’ Sequel | Brentwood Home Page
2015 July 14 – Killer Nashville’s founder participated in daylong Read-A-Thon for Harper Lee – Nashville events |
2015 July 2 – Clay Stafford : Founder of Killer Nashville but Also a Polymath | Marilyn M. Fisher
2015 June 23 – Killer Nashville Donates More Than 200 Books To Nashville Public Library |
2015 June 21 – Writers Scholarship Opportunity | Ft Worth Star Telegram


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